My Apps that are Always Running!

Someone once told me you can tell a lot about their person by their phone.  So what does my phone say about me? The answer is, I have no idea!  I guess you’ll have to be the judge of me.  I have an iPhone 7 in a clear Otterbox case because my screen has been broken one too many times.  My lock screen is one of my favorite beach scenes.  My home screen is bright and colorful, and my apps are organized in folders, contained within one clean screen. 

There are always a few apps that are always running in the background of my phone because I use them daily! Here’s the list:

Fitbit: My day isn’t complete until I hit at least 10,000 steps and I know where I stand amongst my friends (hopefully 1st).  I’m also a big fan of the silent alarm feature and much prefer to wake up by the vibration on my wrist over a jarring noise, so I set a silent alarm for 5 minutes before my real alarm. 

Runkeeper: My absolute favorite for tracking runs.  The basic Runkeeper app is free and fantastic. I recently upgraded to Runkeeper Go so I can compare past runs and see if I am getting faster or slower.  My audible alerts are set to give me an update each mile, letting me know my average pace.  

SiriusXM & iTunes: I am a music junkie! I listen to music while I am getting ready for work, playing through Bluetooth on my Bose Soundlink in the bathroom.  During the day at the office, I wear headphones when I need to hunker down and get work done (always).  When I work out, I listen to my favorite playlist.  So pretty much there is not a moment of the day when I am without one of my music apps.  When our team is setting up for an event or breaking down super late at night, I am known to play a really fast mix, just a little too loud!

Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter: I get my social media fix and news updates from these three apps.  Pretty pictures, keeping up with former colleagues and following along with normal people and celebrities all in one…  What more could a girl want?

Amazon: When Jack and I lived in Puerto Rico, I had a hard time finding a lot of my usual everyday items from cosmetics to snacks.  Navigating traffic to get to the mall and other shopping centers was also an unpleasant experience.  From that time began my shopping habit of buying WAYYY too much stuff from Amazon.  I always support other small businesses whenever possible but if it’s a choice between going to Target or just buying it on Amazon, I have to admit I usually take advantage of my Prime membership!

So there you have it…. I am not sure what that tells you about me other than I have some odd habits or I shouldn’t believe weird things people tell you, like a phone says a lot about a person.  Anywho…  that’s a little peek into my life and my phone!  Until next week!