Patience is a Virtue

A wedding day often feels like the fastest 24 hours in a couple's history. Don't believe me?  Ask anyone who is married! On the other hand, if approached the right way, the wedding planning period can often span many months. A brilliant father of the bride once said, "I see this investment in your services as an investment in my daughter's and our family's happiness throughout the engagement and planning process... not just on the wedding day."  How brilliant and what great foresight! 

The key to making the planning period enjoyable is to pace yourself, enjoy the journey, and trust the experts.  When you work with our team, we strategically space out the to-do list to help avoid panic or feelings of overwhelm. Patience really is a virtue as some of the very best design ideas develop over time and a lot of behind-the-scenes research. The process of vendor selection should be approached with the same trust and patience.  Depending on the time in the season and availability, it can actually be quite advantageous for your budget and other planning purposes to have patience and wait to make some decisions or complete certain tasks.

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

Before you dive right into any decisions, take a deep breath and trust us... waiting just may pay off big time!