Sarah's Bridal Session

Now that Sarah and Drew are married, we can finally share a few pretty images from Sarah's beautiful bridal portrait session! We snuck up to the mountains the first week of April to meet Sarah, her mother, Jen from Makeup For Your Day, and Nancy Ray for this session and goodness gracious, did we encounter setbacks! The weather that week was terrible!! It rained cats and dogs all over the southeast, which delayed Sarah and her mother's flights, and put us all back several hours in terms of the timeline. But as always, Sarah was calm and focused on all the right things. No panic, just joy! Love that so much!

It was so late in the evening by the time we were able to get her dressed and ready, but Nancy did an incredible job capturing her in all the right spaces. And best of all, the rain cleared up to give us the perfect window of time to shoot, before it started pouring again after dark. It literally snowed the entire next day while we finished up planning meetings at Old Edwards Inn! You would never know it from these beautiful springtime photos! 

Absolutely can't wait to share more from this past weekend's stunning wedding, but we've got to keep it under wraps for a while. In the meantime, enjoy a few of these lovely images of Sarah... isn't she so beautiful!?! I threw in a couple funny outtakes from Nancy as well. If you didn't believe it was freezing cold and wet by looking at Sarah, you can definitely tell when you see me and Betsy! Ha! Hello frizzy hair and rain gear! ;) 


All images by  Nancy Ray Photography

All images by Nancy Ray Photography