Engaged and Searching for a Wedding Planner?

So, you’re engaged… YAY!! But what now? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of planning and strategy is takes to successfully plan your dream wedding and maybe, in the midst of your delight, you’re beginning to feel bogged down by the details. You’re ready to take the plunge to find a wedding coordinator... Here’s what can you expect when you call us.

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

Cheers! When we receive your call, the first thing we’re going to want to talk about is how you got engaged, of course! We are equally as excited as you! One of the best aspects of this industry is not simply planning your wedding and telling you what we did. It’s the back-and-forth conversation of figuring out those extra special details that will make your wedding come to life. It’s not just telling you what we think would work best. It’s getting to know our clients on a personal level so that we can understand their likes, dislikes, desires and dreams for this incredible event. It’s about friendship and trust.

That being said, we want to hear all about it. How long have you been engaged? Who proposed? How long have the two of you been together? First and foremost, sincere congratulations are in order. Let’s gossip like old friends. You’re engaged. It’s exciting and we think so too.  

So, when’s the big day?! Obviously, availability on our calendar is a critical element for us to consider, but even beyond that it’s extremely important for us to know how far along you are in the planning process. Have you decided on a date yet? Since you’ve been engaged, have you done some planning yourself or did you begin by seeking an event planner? Do you have a venue picked out yet? How many vendors have you found and hired, if any?

This will give us an idea about what you need from us and how best we can serve you. If we understand exactly what you need from us, we can offer our professional advice and suggestions once we become your planner. 

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

Next, what are your hopes for your wedding? Big or small? Traditional or inventive?  Local or destination? What do you ultimately envision when you picture it? It’s also really helpful for us to know if there are any specific vendors that you’re leaning towards and most interested in. Basically, the better idea we can get of where you are in the planning process the better!

What are your reasons for hiring an event planner? Are you looking for full-scale event planning and design services, or are you primarily interested in day-of coordination? Full scale event planning and design is our ultimate specialty, so it’s important to know that we will be able to help on this level during our initial chat.

What are your ideas? The last imperative detail that we need to ask is if you’ve decided on a budget that you’d like to try to stay within. Without an idea of your wedding budget, it will be difficult for us to figure out how we can help you or how much room we would have to work within and the best way for us to make your vision come to life!

So… want to chat about your wedding? We’d love to hear your plans!

‘Til next time,