Our Not-So-Best-Kept Small Business Secret: Team Support

Happy Friday, friends!   I don't know about you, but I am so thrilled to say goodbye to this week and hello to the weekend.  Our team is gearing up for our first big event of the season tomorrow and we're officially in full production mode- it makes my heart sing and my feet skip. 

Now it's time for a dose of the truth.  Today I was going to share one of my favorite real weddings of 2016.  I planned to write my first draft about 20 different times this week and kept getting pulled in other directions.  It's just been one of those weeks.  Anyone else been there?  One thing I can tell you is through it all, I've been reminded so many times of how lucky I am to have a support system!

I know some of you reading this blog may be thinking about starting your own company one day.  Good for you! Here's the thing...  when you own your company you are HR, you are accounting, you are the purchasing department, PR, and IT.  When the toilet overflows you are the plumber, the cleaning lady and the garbage man all in one smelly little package.

The really amazing thing about our business and what we do really all boils down to the people behind the brand- our team!  First of all, a business partnership is the bees knees! Becca is my amazing person that I get to cry with during tax season, celebrate the big moments with and someone to pass me the wrench when the plumbing explodes (all true stories here).

Beyond just us, Becca and I have such an incredible extended team.  Wow!! These ladies are such phenomenal superstars and we haven't even introduced them all to you yet.  Just wait until we get all our new head shots done and add all their stories to our website (we promise... coming soon this year).  These wonderful ladies love and care for me, Becca, this company, and our clients in ways that never cease to amaze us! We all brew way too much coffee for each other, bring a few too many chocolate treats to work, and change the radio station to pick-me-up music at just the right time! I have no idea what I would do without this team.

So today instead of trying to quickly write about a real wedding, I wanted to take the opportunity to love on our wonderful team and share my heart.  We are so blessed to do what we love day in and day out.  Be sure to follow along on Instagram this weekend (find us at @rroseevents!) for behind-the-scenes pics and stories of us doing what we love, that wouldn't be possible without the labor of love of our incredible team, for whom we are so incredibly grateful!