A Rose by Any Other Name? | Team Nicknames

Happy middle of the year! Can you believe 2017 is already halfway done?  Time flies when you're having fun! Thankfully around here at RRE we work hard but find many ways to have fun too!

If you're just tuning into our blog, welcome!  You'll find a mix of wedding information, inspiration, and a peek into the real lives of our team.  From our more personal posts, it's probably easy to tell we all have a unique sense of humor that makes for pretty epic contagious fits of laughter around the studio.

When we travel as a team, I often wonder what other people think of us.  I frequently see the inquisitive sideways glances as someone tries to figure out what in the world we're up to.  Picture this... two women getting out of a huge high roof cargo van, followed by another car (or two!) with more people, unloading a massive van filled to the brim, rolling a cart full of plastic tubs, boxes, props, and linen racks into a five star hotel.  That's us... the traveling circus!  In fact, most of the time I can't help myself and just actually say out loud to the onlooker, "the traveling circus is in town."

If our team collectively is the circus, then I'm the Ring Master egging everyone on and encouraging ridiculous behavior to make sure we're all enjoying ourselves while we work!  Coincidentally, I also function as HR in our company but that's a whole other story for another day. 

To the mothers of our team members that may be reading, I apologize in advance!  We all were given beautiful names but somehow just didn't seem right to me for our "get it done" moments or when we're cruisin' down the highway in a van with paper on the windows (true story and definitely looked as sketchy as it sounds - but sometimes you gotta shield the fresh flowers from the hot sun!).  As the Ring Master, I decided to issue new names to everyone as follows:

- Brittany : B-Unit

- Becca : B-Rose

- Kristin : KJ

- Katie : Stanley

- Devin : D-Brown

I'm totally kidding about the issuing part, they more evolved over time.  Apparently, I have a little rap star in me, because these all seem like they could be legit rapper names.

If you've worked with me and Becca in any capacity, you've undoubtedly confused us by name.  It happens All.The.Time!  The Bs seems to catch everyone up and that was happening even well before we added a Brittany to the team.  Like any famous pair of celebrities (insert laughing emoji), it's only natural to have a joint name.  We might be hard pressed to compare to Brangelina, but "Becky" has commonly been used to refer to collectively both me and Becca.  It's a common mistake,  like the kind your mother made when she wanted you to come inside and called you some form of your sibling's or dog's name, but I digress...

So there you have it.... a little peek into our ridiculous circus world and the way I share my love and affection!

Until next week!