Things I've Learned Working for a Small Business

When I graduated from college three years ago, I knew I wanted to be in the wedding industry. While I didn’t immediately get a job in the wedding industry, I was lucky enough to get a job related to my field of study, and I became the catering and private dining coordinator for a restaurant. I worked for this company for just over a year, when a wonderful opportunity presented itself to me in the form of the Operations Manager for a large catering company. While I do feel that the experience I gained from this position is invaluable, I also learned that working for a large company is not for me.

            Enter a move to a new city, a few cocktails, and an impromptu meeting with Becca, I started working for Rebecca Rose Events, and learned that working for a small business is where I am most happy. One thing that is completely different between large and small businesses is seen through the process of decision making. In a large company, there are many different people that have to give approval before any changes can be made. In a small business, if there is a change that someone would like to implement, more often than not, the team will all decide together one way or the other, and instantaneously, you are able to make that change.

Lauren Jolly Photography

Lauren Jolly Photography

            Since my start with Rebecca Rose Events, I have learned so much about how businesses are run and about my own work environment preferences. There is a large amount of flexibility and freedom involved in working for a small company. One thing that I really love most about working for a small business is how personally we are involved in each of our client’s weddings. With a large company, you have many clients that you are working with at a time, and it is difficult to make personal connections with each of them. In a small business, we really get the opportunity to get to know each client on such a personal level and that makes each wedding so much more special.

            While I absolutely think it is so important to work for a large company to gain experience, knowledge (even if it is just the knowledge that you do not want to continue working for a large company!), and build up your resume, there is something so special about working for a small business. I wouldn’t change my experiences for anything, but I am so happy with where I have ended up!


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