Technology in the Wedding Industry

While so much of the wedding industry is tangible (flowers, linens, paper goods), there are so many things that used to be done with pen and paper that now have a technology interface. The use of technology has really changed the world of the wedding industry in so many ways. In a past blog post, I talked about some organizational tools that help our studio run smoothly, and Becca has also shared a few of her favorite apps as well. Technology really is an amazing tool that streamlines so many facets of the industry!

With the help of floorplan and design software (such as Social Tables - love this!), online timeline templates, and project management systems with virtual to-do lists (such as Trello, Asana, and others), many of the tasks that are incorporated with wedding planning have been streamlined! These different interfaces allow wedding professionals to share ideas and information with each other easily and efficiently.

While email is nothing new, it is absolutely the easiest form of communication between client and planner. For the team here at Rebecca Rose, we use Dropbox religiously to communicate amongst the team. Google Drive is also a wonderful tool to allow for seamless communication.

Lauren Jolly Photography

Lauren Jolly Photography

While there is no technology that will ever take place of some of the most important elements of a wedding day, it does allow for the planning process to be smoother than ever, which leads to a perfect end result: a beautiful wedding.