If We Were Animals... Yep, I'm Going There!

Hi guys! I thought for today’s post I’d do something a little bit different and just tell you, if the each of us on the RRE team were animals, what we would be and why. I know you’ve probably wondered about this yourself, so I’m happy to go ahead and just reveal our animal identities!


A polar bear, because she’s cool.

Just kidding! I mean, she’s definitely cool, but I think she should be an otter. Otters are adorable, for one, and have brown hair, both of which describe KJ! Plus, she’s really strong and I have no doubt that she could open a shellfish with her bare hands.

Kristin is a really supportive and loyal friend, definitely like an otter. Otters hold hands when they sleep so they won’t float away from each other. They are mostly laid back but will occasionally exhibit bouts of energy, not unlike Kristin in the afternoons.



I would probably be a giraffe.

For one thing, I’m a slightly above average height. Giraffes are also kind of yellow colored, and yellow is my favorite color. Giraffes eat leaves, and I’ve been known to enjoy a salad here and there. I have really long legs and have to bend over really far to drink water from a water fountain. I can be a little bit dorky and awkward, but in that charming and endearing way that makes people really excited when they see you at the zoo.

Giraffes (believe it or not) make flute-like sounds which, incidentally, is the instrument I played in high school marching band.


Perry Vaile Photography  | Yep, those are eucalyptus leaves! 

Perry Vaile Photography | Yep, those are eucalyptus leaves! 

I think Becca would be a koala bear. Koala bears are pretty much obsessed with eucalyptus, and Becca works with it a ton while doing floral design in the studio. She’s definitely a eucalyptus expert. When they aren’t dropping out of trees onto your head, koalas are actually really friendly!  Becca is friendly and great to work with and be around!

Lastly, have you ever SEEN a baby koala bear?! They have the cutest babies in the world, and lil Piper Rose (Becca’s baby girl) is exactly that – the cutest!


I’m gonna say Betsy would be an electric eel.

First, Betsy sometimes does things to that are surprising (“shocking,” if you will.) Incidentally, her favorite music to listen to is electronic dance music. She’s also really bright (like electricity!) and is a good swimmer.  No, she doesn’t exactly live under water, but she is a triathelete and competed in her first open-water triathlon this year! She is also really often energetic. Plus, she’s really quick on her feet and eels are smooth and stuff.

Til next time,