Insight into a Wedding Planner's Emergency Kit

Hi guys!

As you most likely already know, us RRE gals all have different jobs that make our events come together into one cohesive experience. As the head of logistics, Betsy’s involves being prepared for anything and everything. And that she is. She has a very special, very large, and very helpful emergency kit that is present at every event day. And she’s very territorial over it.

Even around the office, we can't even look at the thing without an alarm going off. I’ve never personally tested this, but I think walking too close to it unlocks a trap door that releases a falling anvil. 

In the ultimate attestation of trust, Betsy revealed the secrets hidden within this kit. It's about as mysterious as the deep ocean, and sometimes, when it’s extra quiet, you can hear whale calls coming from it. Somehow I was granted VIP access to look through this sacred bag and will be discussing my discoveries here.

Let's dive in, shall we?


File Oct 12, 11 02 24 AM.jpeg

The most important things in this kit are tied for the number one space: lighters and zip ties. When we arrive at an event and are in the middle of setup these babies are truly invaluable. Candlelight is one of the most important and beautiful details in setting the ambiance for an event. Never underestimate the power of an ambiance candle! This will elevate your event in a way that nothing else can ever quite replace. 

By Betsy's own description, we use a million and one zip ties at every wedding. Not more, not less. Exactly a million and one. When you use a million and one of something, it's easy to see why it's one of just two things tied for most important in Betsy’s kit.

Even though Betsy's stock of zip ties and lighters are the most important, there are two other items in her kit that are most used: band-aids and safety pins. We have not planned a single wedding where someone did not ask for a band-aid or a safety pin!

Her kit is filled from everything to a pocket knife with 32 tools attached to it to multiple pairs of socks (the wedding party always forgets socks!) It holds every possible travel-size personal hygiene item. It’s literally a CVS on wheels.

It's sectioned into many different pockets (some hidden, some obvious) and meticulously organized. It's the universe's only black hole that is not actually in deep space. It once began as the size of a small bread box and, with experience, has grown into all its current glory. The bag at present was actually gifted to Betsy for Christmas last year. She saw it at Home Depot and it was love at first sight. I have no doubt that Betsy teared up at the sight of the Heaven’s opening over her travel bag soul mate.

It was privilege to be able to be given the grand tour of its contents. I hope you enjoyed learning about them too! 

‘Til next time,