Wedding Bloopers

While our goal is for every wedding day to run smoothly without any hiccups or mishaps, it is rare that something doesn’t come up for us to trouble shoot. It keeps things interesting behind the scenes (as if we didn’t already have enough running around to do on a wedding day) and always tests our critical thinking skills. I am here to share a few of our favorite wedding day “bloopers” with you all. Enjoy a peek behind-the-(not so glamorous) scenes.

1)    Betsy already shared the story in a previous post about the lost bouquet with an heirloom Catholic brooch pinned to it, but I had to include that in the list.  As luck would have it, a bear helped us solve this one, and everything ended well. Read the whole story here.

2)    We had a wedding earlier this year that started with a beautiful ceremony, continued with a romantic choreographed first dance, and ended with a celebratory exit with a surprise rose petal toss. As with most exits, we reserved a car to pick up the bride and groom, and in this case we had reserved a town car. Well, for this particular wedding, as we were lining up all the guests for the exit, with the bride and groom waiting right inside for their cue, the “town car” pulls up. But rather than a town car, we saw what can only be described as a luxury mini van (or party bus!) pull up the driveway. The driver got out, opened the side door, and revealed two leather recliners with a coffee table in between. While this wasn’t exactly the vehicle we were expecting, it did create quite a few laughs. And when all was said and done, it did get the bride and groom to their final destination, so I guess it did its job!

Definitely not the getaway car we had planned! 

Definitely not the getaway car we had planned! 

3)    Just recently, we were preparing a golf cart for the exit of the bride and groom. They had provided us with a “Just Married” banner that they wanted draped on the back, and we discussed using some greenery to drape on the sides of the cart. We wanted to wait until the end of the evening to decorate the golf cart, as the venue used them quite often to escort guests to their cars. About thirty minutes before the formal exit, we decided to get start on decorating. Just a few minutes in, we realized we were seriously ill-prepared. The only tape we could find was a roll of scotch tape and some scissors out of a sewing kit, because the floral design kit had already been packed up and taken back to the studio. So we were left trying to hang a banner from a golf cart (that was soaking wet from the rain) with scotch tape. We were trying to clip the smilax greenery with sewing scissors. I honestly was about to throw in the towel when I left to go check on the party and make sure everything was running smoothly. When I came back, the golf cart was beautifully decorated thanks to two of our team members, Devin and Elisabeth. I didn’t ask any questions about how they made it happen, I just assumed it was magic. The exit happened about ten minutes later, and the coupled looked beautiful riding away on their perfectly decorated golf cart.

While this is only a very small glimpse into the behind-the-scenes madness, it gives you a good idea of what goes on without any of the guests knowing. We are problem solvers, and these problems are part of what keep our jobs interesting. I am sure we will do another post soon with even more crazy wedding day blooper stories, so stay tuned!