Thank You Notes | They Still Matter

In today’s culture it may seem like it’s easy to write off (pun intended) things as simple as a thank you note. Honestly, etiquette matters beyond the big, obvious things. The real beauty of etiquette is in the details. The details are what makes your event (and other aspects of life) so special!

The sweetest way to show a person your gratitude is to pay attention to the details and prove the time you took to say thank you. A sweet, handwritten note is special because it shows that you cared enough to take the time to thank someone in a tangible, keepsake form, and it goes further than simply saying it aloud.

It's Still Important to Send a Thank You Note

I think things as simple as a thank you note or a sweet card go even further than ever before because of this fast-paced and technological culture we live our lives in. Taking a step back and writing your thanks on pretty card can often mean the world to someone, just because it shows you cared enough to take the time to do it. (And it doesn’t hurt if it’s on lovely stationery, either!) It’s just a sweet, personal touch that can never truly be replaced by anything.

You know the saying: it’s all about the little things! 

Til next time,