Vendor Research

A lot goes in to vendor research. It isn’t as simple as googling “local caterers” and choosing one that has yummy sounding menus on their webpage. We want to make sure that the vendors that we are recommending to our clients are ones that we can stand behind and know the quality of their work. 

While we have not worked with every single vendor, if we know someone who has worked with them, we like to reach out and hear about that experience. Referrals go a long way around here. If a friend in the industry has worked with the vendor and enjoyed that experience, their recommendation is going to mean a lot. 

Once we have narrowed it down to a list of vendors that seem like they are a good fit for our client, we then begin to compare services and prices. We want to make sure that the vendors that we recommend to our clients are not only able to perform the services that our clients expect, but that they also fit in our client's budget. 

Once we have narrowed it down even further (to about three or four) , we then contact the vendors and make sure they are available for our client’s wedding date. We talk to them about what our clients want and how we can make this a mutually beneficial experience for both parties. 

While we have so many vendors that we have worked with on numerous occasions and will recommend them to anyone that asks, it is always fun to look into new vendors that we haven’t had the opportunity to work with and experience. We are always looking to make new connections with people in the industry!

So if you receive vendor recommendations from a coordinator at Rebecca Rose, you should know that a lot of research, consideration, and thought has gone into that list, not just a simple google search. We want our clients to have the wedding of their dreams, and that starts with choosing the vendors that are going to work hard behind the scenes in a partnership role to help make that happen.