The Apps I Can't Live Without

Okay, that title is a liiiiitle bit melodramatic, I admit. I am capable of living without any apps, and even without a smartphone. But I can't imagine choosing to do so, as a business owner in this day and age. So for those of you who are interested, here's what's hanging out on my iPhone home screen! 

1.) Our core business software. Last week, Kristin shared about the organizational tools we rely on most in our company. I have the apps for each of those programs so that I can be fully in tune with our client needs wherever I am, whenever I need to be. As someone who travels, and as someone who often needs the flexibility to work from home, this is invaluable to me. On a daily basis, I'm checking/using the Dropbox, Trello, Wells Fargo (online banking - gotta love it) and Quickbooks apps. 

2.) Social Media. This probably seems like a given. Most people I know have at least one or two of the major social media apps. As I shared earlier this week, I use Instagram most, Twitter more and more frequently these days, and also use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. I recently deleted the SnapChat app, because I just wasn't ever using it! Maybe it's a mistake, but once Instagram upped their game with so many new features, I don't feel like I need to be snapping! 

3.) Editing/Design Apps. I hate Instagram filters. Hate them. If I need to brighten or edit a photo before posting it, I often use the Afterlight app. I also enjoy the newer option, ColorStory. Occasionally, I'll play around with the WordSwag app as well. 

4.) Weather Apps. Watching the weather is an absolute necessity in this line of work. Anytime we're planning an event, the weather is just as important as any vendor in the mix. Obviously rain, snow, heat, excessive wind, or storms can wreak havoc on plans and design elements that are developed for outdoor events. But even if we're working on an indoor event, anytime we're responsible for orchestrating the arrivals/departures of guests, the movement of people from venue to venue, or delivery/installation schedules - we HAVE to be on top of our plans A, B, and C when it comes to the weather. To this end, we rely on basically all the weather apps there are - but often can be found scouring the radar on the DarkSky app (pictured below on the left!), which can help predict short-term weather fluctuations down to the minute. 

6.) Some Favorites for Personal "Stuff". Aside from the social media, business related apps, and music, you'll also find the following in my phone: 

* Fitbit. This is a rewarding one on wedding/event days, when it isn't uncommon to log 25,000+ steps all in one building! 

* WhatsApp. My husband and I use this to do family texting and video calls with his side of the family. We have iPhones, but some of our family members have different smartphones. The WhatsApp option is free (and great!), whereas they get charged for data if we send too many texts to their devices from our iPhones. 

* EmojiMom (pictured above on the right!). Okay, this one is hilarious. Best few dollars I've ever spent. If you're a new mother or mother-to-be, just take my word for it and purchase this one. It will provide comic relief when you need it most - I promise! 

* Target's Cartwheel AppNot sure why I waited so long to download this one, but in the past 10 months alone, it has saved me over $300. I buy nearly all our baby supplies (yep - think diapers, wipes, baby food, supplies, baby toiletries/healthcare stuff, etc.) at Target because this app helps me save so much!! 

* YouVersion's Bible AppI'm definitely guilty of hopping in the car to go to church and realizing after we've dropped Piper off at the nursery that I left my bible at home. It happens. But this app means I can read along during the service on my phone - or read any verse of scripture, anywhere, at any time. 

That's a peek into my phone! I used to have games and all sorts of other things, but in the last few years I've simplified to keep only the things that I really benefit from using - or that definitely bring me joy. What apps do you love? Any I need to check out?! 

Happy Friday!