While the Team is Away

Hey y’all!!

Whether you’ve been following us for a while or are new to our blog, it’s obvious how much we truly love weddings! This past week our team was in beautiful Highlands, North Carolina for a destination wedding.

Destination weddings are unique from others in many ways, including our team dynamic. While our team is traveling, I stay in our studio to make sure things are still running smoothly back home!

Suddenly it becomes my duty to hold down the fort here in Winston. The possibilities are endless… I can eat brownies for lunch with no one around to judge me (so I just tell the world about it here…) The thermostat is mine -- ALL MINE, and I can choose the music in the studio. You’re probably asking yourself how I handle such omnipotence. I know, I know… I try not to let the power go to my head.

Besides sitting behind my desk ringing my hands in authority, my time as Fort Holder is mostly spent taking care of our client’s needs closer to home. This can include anything from prepping for upcoming mailings, assembly projects, and troubleshooting from home!

Even though most of our team is traveling, some high-action, crazy stuff still happens here! For example, during our team’s travel a few weeks ago in Virginia Beach, our studio lost all internet and cell connection and I suddenly became a pioneer. Later in the week, a large shipment of flowers mistakenly got delivered here and had to be immediately rerouted to Virginia Beach.

iPhone snap from Becca while the team was away this past week!

iPhone snap from Becca while the team was away this past week!

Putting out shipments, drafting contracts, formatting things until they look awesome, and keeping our plants alive are all a part of what I work on while our team is away! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to all the action.

Til next time,