Our Studio in Reynolda Village & Why I Love it!

It’s official you guys! It’s been almost a year since we have moved into our beautiful studio space in historic Reynolda Village. Isn’t work always more fun when you’re surrounded by such a lovely atmosphere?

Here are my favorite things about working in the Village!

1. No matter the time of year, it’s a really beautiful walk into work.

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

The landscaping team here is truly phenomenal. They are so talented and make sure there is color in the Village year round. They are true experts at what they do, and change up the look of the Village every few months to ensure that it’s always fresh, bright, and welcoming. 

2. Our neighbors!

We are surrounded by the sweetest neighbors! They each have a shop that is unique and it’s always so peaceful to pass pretty window displays on your way to your car or to the mailbox.

3. Restaurants

Some of our neighboring businesses are, as you probably know, restaurants. And great ones, at that. The convenience of always having a delicious lunch (or dinner for those late nights) so close by is seriously wonderful.

4. Mailbox (It’s the little things…)

I mentioned this earlier, because I walk to it all the time. Really though, do you know how convenient it is to be able to drop off invitation mailings and save-the-dates in a cute vintage mail box just a few feet from our studio?

5. The fountain

The fountain immediately in front of our studio is probably my absolute favorite thing about our space in the Village. It’s directly in front of our window and automatically creates a sweet peacefulness. When our door is open you can hear it, which is also really nice. Last winter, the landscaping team (didn’t I mention their talent before?) drained the whole fountain and made it into a giant flower arrangement for Christmas. How can anyone not love that?!

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

6. The Gardens and Reynolda House

Speaking of beauty, Reynolda Gardens and the Reynolda House Museum are walking distance away from our studio. On a pretty day, where’s a nicer place to go for a quick walk?

7. Trails/Farmer’s Market

The scenery is gorgeous everywhere, but there are also trails that go behind the Village and up to Wake Forest. Sometimes on Friday there is a Farmer’s Market set up there!

8. The history

The history of the Village is so fascinating and I cannot get enough of it! Our studio is located in the “Cattleshed,” named so because that’s what it originally was! There are signs on each building that tell what they were originally, including a corn crib!

If you've never been to Reynolda Village in Winston-Salem, come pay us a visit!