How to Handle the Slow Time

Planning a wedding should be a joyful time in a couple and family’s life.  All too often we hear that newly engaged couples and parents feel riddled with stress.  We know there are plenty of reasons for wedding related stress. The easiest way to avoid stress is to work ahead and effectively manage the slow time.

Early on in the process, it’s easy to want to dive into the design details and fun stuff.  However, the most important thing to tackle right after you get engaged is the guest list.  It takes a whole lot of time to accumulate all the addresses, names and information needed.  The sooner you start on your list and complete it, the better!  Remember an accurate number of guests can affect all of your planning details, so put that pen to paper (or more likely - fingers to keyboard) before dreaming up any design details.

Photography by Callie Davis for Nancy Ray Photography

Photography by Callie Davis for Nancy Ray Photography

Second to the guest list, couples should work on their wedding website and gift registries.  Some helpful hints and tips can be found here and here.  

Whenever couples feel like they are ahead of the game, and time is slowing down, it’s never too early to start on wording for ceremony programs, lists of “must capture” photos for the photographer, welcome notes, first dance songs and gifts for wedding party.

It’s best to trust your planning pros!  If you feel like you need a kick-start in the planning process, our creative session may be just the ticket.  We only have a few sessions left and you can read more about them here.