Studio Time Management

“It’s direction, not time, that is most important. We all have 24-hour days.”

This is quote from “anonymous,” that I have loved since I was very young. It’s always motivated me and reminded me of the importance of time management, especially in business. 

Being on a team that plans and designs special events comes with its many rewards and challenges, as I’m sure you can imagine! One of the greatest challenges is keeping up with everything we have going on and keeping our event details organized! It’s so easy to get details jumbled, so here are some of the ways we keep on track and manage our time wisely! 


Kristin wrote about this recently. Trello is our project management software that has quickly become a complete lifesaver! This software has allowed us to create a “community to-do list” of sorts. (It even has electronic stickers!! Woo hoo!) We can add due dates to all of our tasks and work together to get everything done on time. It really keeps our team on track and forces us to get things done on time! (A past-due date highlighted in red is something we all work very hard to avoid!)

Staff meetings

We have weekly meetings with our team that help keep us on track! As a team, we function as exactly that – our duties often overlap. Sometimes they don’t, though, and a team meeting helps us all stay on track with each other and saves time in the whole planning process, because we all know exactly what needs to be done for an amazing end product (anything from a 300-person event or the little details that make it incredible!)   

Stop procrastinating!!

If it can be done tomorrow, do it today anyway.

In a business like this one, there’s no way we can anticipate every single possible thing that can happen. (Enter stage right: our wedding day bloopers!) Because of this, it’s important for us to be as prepared as we possibly can be. Saving something “for tomorrow” can mean having to do yesterday’s task on top of a sudden, unforeseen mishap and a bazillion (actual quantity) other things that happen in the moment and need to be immediately dealt with. Not planning ahead and getting everything done ahead of time can mean digging yourself out of a big hole in the long run. No time for that!

I hope you all enjoyed this peek into our organizing and time-saving process!

Til next time,