Creative Sessions | Only 3 Spots Left for 2017

Several years ago, when we launched our little sister brand, Rebecca Rose Creative, we adapted an important part of our unique full-service approach to wedding planning and creative design so that it could be offered as an a la carte option and geared towards setting couples up for success as they plan their own weddings.  Truth be told, I was nervous about this. I wondered if it would translate to the broader market, and I was nervous that brides, grooms, and families wouldn't understand or appreciate it's usefulness in their planning process. As per usual, the business ideas that scare me the most, tend to be the best ones. The Design-In-a-Day Creative Session has been one of our most popular services!

Initially, we hoped to do one session each month, but as I look at the calendar, I realize that in the months of July and August this year alone, we will have completed five creative sessions. Folks, that's a bunch! As we look ahead to the remainder of the year, we're planning to accept only three more bookings for creative sessions. Starting in 2018, the price will increase. If you're wondering about this and trying to determine if a creative session might be right for you, reach out and let us know, because now is the time! We'd love to spend a day with you and equip you with the tools, knowledge, and ideas to craft a meaningful wedding celebration. Email us at and mention "I want a creative session!" in the subject line, or fill out the contact form over here. Our amazing studio manager, Brittany, will be in touch with you asap to help you snag a spot on the calendar. I hope to meet you soon! 

- Becca