Fangirl Friday | Kristin

Hi, friends! Just a couple weeks ago, Betsy shared with you all a few of her favorite industry professionals! Since I am such a huge advocate for sharing the love, I wanted to share a few of my favorites as well!

Jenna Kutcher: This girl boss is not only one heck of a talented wedding photographer, she is also the master mind behind the Goal Digger podcast, a resource for girl-bosses of all kinds to hear from other professionals about a range of topics, including finances, marketing, and branding! This podcast is one that I listen to all. the. time. Jenna is making waves in the wedding industry, and it is an inspiration to watch.

Casa de Perrin: The husband and wife duo behind Casa de Perrin are doing something that I have never seen another rental company do before, and they are rockin’ it! Their stylings and tabletop designs are absolutely gorgeous and their inventory is a dream! Follow them on Instagram for a little dose of beauty in your feed!

Lula Hair and Makeup: Samantha, the owner of Lula, is one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure to meet. She started her company seven years ago, and has worked with several hundred brides, bridesmaids, and women for all kinds of special occasions in that time. Her philosophy is that beauty is more than just makeup, hair, and fashion, and she wants to help women feel as beautiful as they are.

Samantha Ray of Lula Hair & Makeup | Image by Nancy Ray Photography

Samantha Ray of Lula Hair & Makeup | Image by Nancy Ray Photography

French Broad Chocolates: My, oh, my, this delicious chocolate shop out of Asheville is an absolute must if you are in the area. During my first experience with them, I was a bit overwhelmed with the selections, but the barista recommended I try the “liquid truffle” and it did not disappoint. My goodness, this company is doing chocolate the right way! Do yourself a favor and drop in next time you are in the area!

Heidi Gibson: This jewelry designer is creating one of a kind engagement rings, and I can’t get enough! They are the most gorgeous designs I have ever seen! My favorite design is the Leda, and there is a good chance I have already told my close friends that this is the ring I would like to get proposed to with! A girl can dream, right?

Air Haven Limousine Service: This company not only has some seriously cool vehicles, they are some of the greatest people to work with! We have been able to work with Air Haven on multiple occasions, and are always looking for more opportunities to work with them again! Their Excalibur is one of only ten vehicles like it, and is creates quite a memorable getaway car!

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography


The Loveliest Company: This is the sweetest little southern shop located in Dallas, Texas. The company is owned by three women-a mother and her two daughters. One of the daughters, Britni, was formerly a style editor for Martha Stewart Weddings, while the other daughter, Kelsey was an event planner and personal assistant to two former presidents! Needless to say, they have incredibly refined taste and are able to create some absolutely stunning linen pieces! From embroidered handkerchiefs to swaddle blankets for your little babe, their shop is filled with perfectly southern pieces that will become staples in your home!

Paisley and Jade: This rental company out of Richmond, Virginia has created an inventory of specialty rentals that are sure to have you dreaming up your next event! They have such an eye for pieces that they know their clients will love, and each and every piece is housed in their expansive warehouse, which is an event space in itself! This company has an incredible staff that is willing to go the extra mile to make sure each of their clients is taken care of, and they are making quite a name for themselves in the industry!

Memento and Muse: Memento and Muse is a company that creates custom curated gifts. They help you create a custom gift box, whether it is for a business conference, bridal luncheon, or welcome gifts for a wedding. Melinda, the founder and owner of Memento and Muse, has such a talent for collecting the perfect items to express the exact sentiment needed for each gift. Even the packaging is gorgeous!

Ashley Christensen: This girl boss is a bit of a local legend around Raleigh, NC. She has opened multiple restaurants, and as the owner and executive chef, each restaurant has such a unique atmosphere. She has a gift of designing a space, creating a menu, and providing a certain feel that makes the entire dining experience one to remember. Just last year, she opened an event space in the heart of downtown Raleigh. She is a #girlboss if I have ever seen one!

As I sit here writing this post, sipping on coffee, I am just astounded at all the crazy talented people in this industry. (and this list is just scratching the surface!) Stay tuned, as Brittany shares her list of people she admires in the industry in the next couple weeks!