Fangirl Friday!

What's it like to be a wedding planner?

Not a week goes by when I don't get this question either in person, via email, or over the phone.  Our team has written a few posts on the topic herehereherehere and here, if you want to read the long answer….  but the short answer is: it's awesome and we feel so incredibly blessed to do what we love each day!

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

The wedding industry is filled with talented professionals who care deeply about the happiness of their clients, and work overtime to run small businesses with a ton of heart. There is a community of support filled with other planners and creatives that just doesn’t exist in any other industry.  Today, I'm dedicating my post to give a shout out to some pretty awesome folks in the wedding industry for no other reason than because I think they are great!   Cheers to you!! #fangirlfriday

Engaging Concepts: Rebecca Grinnals and Katheryn Arce are the two brilliant minds behind the brand that hosts luxury wedding industry summits.  These two ladies continue to foster and offer a platform for wedding industry professionals to grow and thrive in a supportive atmosphere.

Paige Chenault: The Birthday Party Project: If you haven't heard of it, go read about it now!  Paige started this not-for-profit out of her garage with the desire to bring joy to homeless children through the magic of birthdays.  WOW!  In 5 years, this phenomenal company has grown so much and brings a whole new meaning to amazing events!

Lucy Cuneo: No matter the circumstances, this incredibly talented photographer puts caring for others above all else.  We've had the opportunity to watch her business grow leaps and bounds over the last several years.  Despite her enormous success, you still get the same old marvelous Lucy.  She is the most down-to-earth, caring, kind person you'll ever meet and worthy of so many Friday cheers!

Stephanie Shaul: The first time I ever talked to Stephanie, she was just getting ready to leave her corporate job but was still a little nervous about making the leap to business ownership.  Goodness, we’re so glad she did!!! I've watched her start a business, grow, do so incredibly well, and even get married!  You better watch her too, because only big things are coming!

Lindsay Regan Thorne: Beautiful, inside and out, is exactly how I would describe Lindsay!  This super woman never lets anything get her down.  She has a true heart of gold, can always bring a smile to your face and can immediately make you feel great about yourself- even without an ounce of makeup on!  She is a genuine beauty who has openly shared her personal struggles in motherhood.  Her honesty has provided hope and a sounding board for more women than she probably even realizes.  She is an inspiration to us and to so many others!

Nuage Designs: The best creative partner we could ever ask for is Nuage Designs and the amazing Eleanor (our superstar Account Exec)!  We’re constantly being told, “absolutely” and “we’d love to” for the craziest ideas and requests.  This whole company takes customer service to another level and we’re eternally grateful for their support and commitment to amazing products! We don’t know what we’d do without them.

Lynn Easton: We’ve always been fans of the beautiful, original work produced by Easton Events.  Lynn Easton took her love and expertise for spectacular events to a new level and launched a collection of amazing properties for events and travel.  We say “bravo” and “yes please” to all of these beautiful properties!! 

Theo Milo Photography: The first time we met Theo was during bridal fashion week in New York in 2014.  After leaving a party, Becca and I decided to grab a bite to eat with Theo and his wife, Hannah.  Many courses and hours later, it felt as though we’d been friends forever.  We’ve continued to stay close with Theo through the years and chat candidly about business and life.  He’s been the best cheerleader just when we’ve needed it and we’re forever grateful for meeting him at a party 3 years ago!

Matthew Robbins Design: There is something really special about intentional and carefully curated design.  Matthew Robbins travels the globe and uses his experiences as inspiration for design projects.  The end result is beautiful, vibrant, and unique all in one. 

Kristin Winchester: Bubbly, hilarious and gregarious are all words that have probably been used to describe Kristin Winchester, the Editor in Chief at Southern Weddings.  She’s been a part of the Southern Weddings team for many years; so many people have watched her in videos, stories, and other entertaining outtakes. Kristin is worthy of fangirl Friday cheers because she is certainly all of those fun things, but behind her soft exterior, this girl is fierce.  She is incredibly sharp, business savvy, fearless, and strong in decision-making and brave in trusting her faith.  She is one powerful woman who uses her profound skill to support and empower other woman.  She doesn’t hide behind an abrasive exterior or try to act like a man.  She let’s her true personality shine through and is proud to be a powerful and talented woman in business! Young ladies, take note!

These 10 folks are just a few of the many amazing people in our industry; there are so many more, including the unsung heroes.  We truly believe that we are all better together and strive to make our industry a better place by working together!  Cheers to the small business owners and the clients who trust us with their most important celebrations! Pop the bubbly because it’s Friday y’all, and there is so much to be thankful for this week!