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Over the last month, our team has written a lot about working with amazing creative partners from venues to calligraphers to photographers.  Having a team of individuals that can work well behind the scenes is key to making the timeline run like a well-oiled machine, so a couple can truly make the most of their day. Simply put, the most important people on a wedding day should always be the bride and groom, quickly followed by their family, friends and wedding guests.  We believe a team of vendors should have a heart rooted in service and teamwork.   Everyone knows that entertainment can make or break a party.  Choosing good entertainment on your own is far from an easy feat!  Today I’m sharing my interview with Lisa Ciampi from Élan Artists to talk about all the fun of good entertainment. 

When it comes to sourcing incredible talent and entertainment, there is no better option (in our opinion) than Élan Artists.  This amazing company has been around for 15 years.  They have offices in Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Florida, Minnesota, and now South Carolina.  Their incredible flagship office is in New York City and is complete with a soundstage and in-house sound engineer.  Élan Artists does very little advertising, but their artists are always booked solid.  Almost all of their business comes from personal referrals, relationships, and word of mouth.  They regularly host showcases so clients can experience new entertainment.  Once you’ve worked with this team, you won’t be surprised to know that their business model relies almost completely on good PR from clients and positive experiences from guests.  We've had the pleasure of working with them on some pretty spectacular events, including Jared & Jordy’s vibrant destination wedding in New York City and Meriwether and Lee’s destination wedding here in North Carolina. But enough from me, you should hear from Lisa!


Perry Vaile Photography

Perry Vaile Photography

For our readers who have never heard of Élan Artists, we'd love for you to share the a bit more about your brand.

Élan Artists is a cooperative of musicians and artists who embrace a fresh and personalized approach to private events. Our services can range from a soloist for ceremony to headliner and large-scale performance acts. We customize and curate the experience to clients' vision.  We believe our approach sets us apart from other “agencies.”  At the core, we want to get to know what kind of entertainment a couple wants, what kind of an atmosphere they want for their ceremony/ reception, any venue limitation, and what budget they want to work within.  We try to get answers to those questions first before simply sending a list of available artists.  We can offer everything from a solo harpist to a 22-piece headliner band. Talking to a couple and understanding their overall vision for an event is the first and most important step to finding the right match for good entertainment.

What's your personal favorite part of a reception? 

My favorite part of the wedding is seeing the special songs a couple picks for their important moments like first dances and announcements. You get to see a lot of personality and quirks when the band is willing to learn new music just for you and this is just the beginning of the collaboration that will happen on a wedding day! It’s also very interesting to see what couples choose to put on their 'do not play' list. 

Do you see differences working with a full-service production team like RRE verses a DIY bride? From your side, any benefits to having a planner verses not?  

It is definitely beneficial for us to work with the client and a planner. The planner acts as a liaison so the couple is ready for their special moments, the speakers are in the room when its time for their speech, and so many other details. 

What's one piece of advice you'd give to a bride and groom working with a band? 

Be really open and honest about your preferences with your bandleader and your spouse! Talk about these things ahead of time and take note of things that you are gravitating towards as the months of your wedding approach.