My First Six Months at RRE | Favorite Moments

There have been so many great moments in my first few months working for Rebecca Rose Events, it was difficult to narrow it down to just a few. It is actually kinda funny….thinking through my time here made me realize that I can’t pinpoint just a few specific moments that were my favorite, but rather more broad spans of time.

The majority of my favorite moments have actually been pretty uneventful ones! Since there are so many times when someone is either at a vendor meeting, on a site visit, or having a creative session with a client, many days are spent without the entire team present. It is so fun when we are all able to be in the studio and enjoy our time together. There is never a shortage of laughter when we are all together.

A very favorite moment of mine occurred on a typical day in the studio. We were all going about our work, when Becca decided to check social media and saw that a local café announced the opening of their safe-to-eat cookie dough bar! (yes, you read that correctly….it’s basically the dream) Without much hesitation at all, we sent our intern to Tart Sweets to get a few different types of cookie dough for us to try. When she got back, we all crowded around and devoured each and every one. I love the spontaneity of the group and how willing we are to put everything on hold for a minute just to savor a sweet treat.

Even though many of the highlights of my time working with the RRE team so far have been silly ones, there definitely is something to say about the feeling I get when we are all on site for an event and everyone is in the zone. We all flow so well together when we are setting up for an event, and it is so great to watch everyone just doing their thing! It is by far my favorite part of the job.

While we definitely are busy and there is always a lot going on, we make sure we have a good time while working hard! There is never a dull moment around the Rebecca Rose Studio, and I cannot wait to make more memories with this amazing team!