Tips for a Happy Office

I know every time I write a post the first thing I mention is coffee. I would promise not to do that in this post, but since it’s already happened, I might as well roll with it.

Tips for a happy office!

1.    Coffee! Let’s face it – we are just better people with coffee. It’s office culture. It’s human nature. It’s a simple fact of caffeinated life.

As you probably know by now, our team consumes coffee all day, every day, and it really just boosts our happiness and soothes the soul. Sometimes we share our creamer with one another and the weight of such a gesture of friendship really brings us together.

Lauren Jolly Photography 

Lauren Jolly Photography 

2.  We aren’t afraid to be silly

We are all goofballs and aren’t afraid to let it loose once in a while (or once a minute!) This takes many forms for us here… A typical studio day is comprised of many jokes, much laughter, sometimes dancing and often singing…loudly. 

3.  Having a “professional DJ”

Speaking of singing loudly, I have personally adopted the undertaking of becoming the office DJ. Because our sound system is linked to my computer, the fate of our musical listening experience lies in my hands.

You’re probably wondering how I handle such musical responsibility. I can’t give away all my secrets, but I will tell you that I take requests and it makes the team happy.

4.  Flowers

Since one of our specialties is fresh floral design, we very often have flowers sitting around the office. It’s not uncommon for us to have multiple little floral arrangements around our studio just to brighten up the space and our day! I walked into the bathroom yesterday to find a little bud vase with fresh flowers by the sink and got legitimately excited.

5.  There’s usually food around

It’s something of a habit for one or more of us to bring food into the studio on any given day. Maybe it’s because of the fact that we are in the event planning industry, but we never run out of reasons to celebrate. Whether it’s testing food for an upcoming event (important research!) an emergency (yes, emergency) cookie dough run, or surprise donuts, we love having food around! 

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

6.  Lifting each other up

Honestly, the biggest and most significant way we keep a happy office is to be here for one another. Our team is a group of the most supportive people around! We lift up each other’s successes and are there to help make right each other’s mistakes. 

Whenever one of us succeeds, the rest of the crew is immediately there to remind her of how appreciated she is and how thankful we are for her. We are human and mistakes happen, but the rest of the group is there to be supportive and will help in any way possible.

Simply put, we all know that we are there for one another and it’s impossible not to be happy about that!

Til next time,