A Little Bit of Friday Poetry

Hi guys!!

I hope you all are having a beautiful Friday! Our team is currently in Virginia Beach for a wedding, so I’m holding down the fort here in Winston-Salem this week!

I’m going to tell you guys something and I just know you all are going to say, “Brittany, how could we not already know this?!” But just on the off chance you missed the important and entirely relevant national holiday that took place this week, National Haiku Poetry Day was this past Monday! Yippee!

Maybe it’s because we’re event planners, maybe it’s because we’re just awesome people, but we never run out of reasons to celebrate! That being said, how can I pass up an opportunity to celebrate a holiday such as this one?!

A haiku is a simple poem. It has three lines: the first has 5 syllables, the second has 7, and the last has 5.

** Warning: the following content may contain life-changing elements of art and culture. You might never be the same after being exposed to such inventive poetic brilliance. Proceed at your own risk. **

Our team is traveling

So they are not in right now;

They’re in Virginia.


Since I miss them all,

I’m writing haikus for them.

I hope you like these!


Betsy makes us laugh

When she serenades us all.

It happens a lot.


Jennie always smiles.

She has gone from our intern

To a lovely friend!


Kristin loves coffee.

I have nothing else to say

Except that she rocks!


Becca is awesome!

She has a cute baby and

Is fun to talk to.



They say “know thyself,”

But all I can say is that

I write good haikus.


I hope you liked that!

Like usual at the end,

I’ll say, ‘Til next time!










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