Meet Kristin (Outside of Work!)

Hi, friends!!

I have written posts about who I am, and what I do here at Rebecca Rose, but I wanted to follow up those posts with a bit more about who I am outside of work! I would love for you all to know a well-rounded me and not just the professional side!

I hit on this a bit in my last “about me” post, but Winston Salem is not my original hometown. I was born in Raleigh and lived there the majority of my life, except for my brief few years in college. I just moved to Winston Salem in October of last year. I moved because my brother in law got a job here, and I wanted to be close to him and my sister (but honestly, I just wanted to be near my sweet nephew, Finn). I have, however, quickly fallen in love with this city, and am excited to call it my home now.

Lauren Jolly Photography

Lauren Jolly Photography

Moving to a new city is definitely an adjustment, but it has been so exciting to explore the area and find local coffee shops, restaurants, and stores! I love spending time at a random café with a good book or a sweet friend, and Winston-Salem is full of them! Without sounding too romantic about it, I would have to say that coffee is one of my passions. I have been lucky enough to make a few friends quickly after moving, and I love grabbing a coffee at a café that they recommend.

Another passion of mine is travel. I absolutely love visiting new places, meeting new people, and trying new cuisines. I recently traveled to Italy with a few of my high school friends, and I can say for certain that I have since been bitten by the travel bug. I am constantly looking up travel deals and going through the booking process, right up until they ask for my credit card information, then I click out of the window with a bit of longing.

I think it is funny when people ask “what do you like to do in your spare time” and I have a hard time answering, because the only thing that comes to mind is “what spare time?” But if I did have to choose a few things to say that I enjoy doing when I get around to hobbies, I would say I enjoy cross stitching, cooking, reading, designing my dream home in my head, and making jewelry!

While I feel I do a lot during my time off work, if I had to jam pack all of my favorite things into one day, it would look a little something like this:

-       wake up without an alarm

-       make a large breakfast accompanied by a cup of coffee

-       do something outside, such as visit a farmers market or take a walk

-       go to lunch with friends at a new restaurant

-       spend the afternoon reading on the porch with (yet another) cup of coffee

-       finish the day by grilling out at the house, listening to music, drinking a beer, and enjoying time with family

If everyday looked even a little bit like this, I would die a happy girl. But, while there are days that include flat tires, spilled coffee, or running late to work, I will rest easy in knowing that a flat tire means that I have a car, spilled coffee means there is coffee nearby, and running late to work means I have a job (and bonus: it’s a job that I LOVE). So, here’s to the perfect days as well as the imperfect. Enjoy them both!