Meet Betsy | Co-Owner & Event Director

It's great to be back! Even though it's already February, we're still celebrating a new year, new goals and lots of changes! We've got so much to share and can't wait to tell you all about it! For those of you who've been following along with us for a while, we're so incredibly grateful for your love and support.  If you're just joining us, welcome and thanks for reading!

If you missed it yesterday, be sure to read Becca's blog post from yesterday!  Tomorrow and Friday our two newest team members will be sharing a bit about themselves and we are tickled pink to have them on the team!  You won't want to miss their stories and lucky you, today you get me!

Who am I?  That's easy, Betsy! I was born an Elizabeth, but the only people to call me that are angry moms (usually my own) and telemarketers- all of whom I try to avoid so I'd love for you to call me Betsy so I don't have to duck and run from you. If you've chatted with me, pretty much ever, or follow my personal instagram @betzkrug you likely know the basics.   The love of my life, Jack, and I live in a beautiful home that is constantly under renovation.  Neither of us can sit still (ever), so we're gutting our house from top to bottom, one room at a time, and will likely have our dream home complete in the next 15-20 years.  We have two black labs, Fred and Summer, who I loving refer to as "the terrors." These fur babies have all but made the backyard landscaping plan... well let's just say very challenging and keep this blog PG rated.  It's true that I've been known to let a few bad words slip here and there!  I am so far from perfect, I can promise you that.  I love my coffee black, am an adventurous eater and enjoy traveling alone. Those are the basics!

Here are some things you probably don't know about me:

MUSIC: I love all kinds of music, but quite frankly I am likely the worst singer you've ever heard.  When I was a kid my mother told me, "God appreciates it more when you sing in your head."  Can't blame a girl for enthusiasm in church, right?  In my car right now you'd find East Village Opera Company, Lady Gaga and Ellie Goulding.  My friends will tell you I have an odd talent for picking songs and listening to them long before they become popular.  Somewhere in the scary depths of my attic is an old t-shirt from college that say, "I should have been a music producer."   My favorite Sirius XM radio station is BPM which hosts electronic dance music.  Yup, you read that right!  My favorite genre of music is the fast-paced, never-ceasing EDM.  How's that for variety? 

Nancy Ray Photography

Nancy Ray Photography

PIZZA FRIDAY: Every single Friday, Jack and I eat pizza together and it's one of my favorite traditions!  When we first met in San Antonio, casual slices and beers were the best way to end the week and probably part of the way to my heart and our forever relationship! No matter where we've lived, we've kept up with the tradition.  Some weeks it's just take out in pjs at home and others it's Burke Street with friends.  Even when we're dieting, we make sure to leave calories to enjoy our Friday night pizza.  It really is the best way to end the week!

ENDURANCE ATHLETE: This makes me laugh and the truth is I've rewritten this part twice.  But, what the heck, here it goes!  Last week I was at the doctor talking about my diet and asking him questions.  He said to me, "Since you are an endurance athlete...."  I have no idea what he said after that because I went deaf.  Me.... endurance athlete!!! Laugh.Out.Loud.  Over the last week, I've replayed those words over in my head in disbelief.  I usually just feel like my own hilarious version of the Mindy Project, making my way through wishing there were bumpers in my bowling lane of life.  I have some awesome genetics and need to work out pretty much all week just so I can enjoy pizza Friday and still button my jeans on Monday. Last year I completed my first triathlon, only after I agreed to thanks to too much wine (full story here).... sound like a classic athlete to you?  Don't think so!  Despite the boozy start, now I'm kind of addicted.  I swim, bike and run all the time and am signed up for my second triathlon this May and third again in August.  So you know what.... forget it (that's my PG version), yes, I'm an endurance athlete!  Now hurry up and read this before I change my mind and delete this!!!!

AUNT B!: In May, I'm going to be an Aunt and I'm pretty darn excited about it! My brother Russ and sister-in-law Alyssa are expecting their first baby, which means I get to do some serious spoiling. I don't have any kids of my own and have never really wanted to have children. My mother claims I am missing a gene but she can't really be trusted after that whole "don't sing in church" thing, so I choose to ignore her most of the time.  Jack has two brilliant kids who are amazing, caring young adults.  I feel like my own little family is complete, but I cannot tell you how excited I am welcome my new niece or nephew this summer!   I've already been named Aunt B, which makes everyone else think of an old lady in an apron in Mayberry.  I plan to be the Aunt B who keeps pockets of sugary candy, sends lots of presents and has the best house to visit! Oh the stories to come!  Hurry up Baby Krug!

So there you have, that's me in a nutshell... or that's me the nut.  Whatever your pleasure!

Without Any Sarcasm or Profanity... Yours Truly,