Gratitude Series: My Family

2017 was a big year for my family, filled with so many blessings, surprises and milestones. 

In May, my niece Adelaide was born. Oh boy, do I love that little girl!  My brother and sister-in-law asked me to be her godmother. Holding Adelaide while she was baptized was the biggest joy!  To see photos and read more from that trip you can read my blog post from June.

In August, my mom and dad celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary.  Y’all, the way they still laugh together and love each other with unwavering commitment is the best possible thing to witness. I know it hasn’t always been easy for them but the way they’ve worked through the bad and celebrated the good inspires me everyday.  Although we may not see each other very often, I talk with both of my parents a few times every week. My dad’s morning commute and our time difference makes our early morning chats possible. After I finish my workout at 7:30am (6:30am his time), I talk to him for 45 minutes while he drives to work. It’s the best way to start the day!  My mom never misses a call from me. Even if it’s in the middle of the day as I’m driving from place to place, I know she’s there to listen to me when I’m excited, happy or sad.   She’s my best friend, my biggest cheerleader and gives me so much sanity in even the worst storms. 

Lauren Jolly Photography

Lauren Jolly Photography

At the end of September, my sweet pup Summer was hit by a car.  You can read more about this crazy accident here.  This is the journey that still continues.  Summer and Fred have felt more like children than pups as Jack and I have tried to navigate surgeries, casts, and trying to keep two rambunctious labs out of trouble. These past months have been such a learning curve for patience and trust in others. 

Jack, the sweet love of my life, has been my rock yet again this year.  While there have been so many highlights in 2017, there have also been some really tough moments. Jack supports me with never-ending love and commitment. He encourages me in business and listens to me when I’ve had a rough day.  He wakes up at 4:00am on the weekend to cheer me on at a race. He goes out to eat at places he hates because he knows I love a good adventurous meal. Without him, I know that so many things wouldn’t be possible. 

My amazing family is everything to me!  They really deserve a post and shout-out every day.  Grateful just doesn’t seem to cover it!