What's On My Desk

Hi guys!

Semi-inspired by all those “what’s in my purse” articles in all the fun magazines, I thought I’d do a “what’s on my desk?” blog post. Also, I’ll give you a little insight into the things around the office I simply cannot live without!


Of course I have the obvious things that I can’t do my job without: a computer, a keyboard, mouse pad, tissues (I have allergies), and a plethora of fancy pens (I’m also a pen snob) but I also have plenty of other things on my desk that are completely necessary.

First, I have to have lotion around me at all times, especially days when we get flower shipments in and I’ve been processing a large floral order. There’s something about an excess of chlorophyll that really dries out the hands. The current lotion I’m using is called Winterfield and it smells like Christmas.

Any one who has met me for more than a few minutes probably knows I have a mild obsession with donuts. Seriously, is “donuts” a food group? (Because it’s definitely my favorite food group.) That being said, if you happen to stumble into a donut shop, there’s a pretty good chance I’m also there. I went to Duck Donuts a couple weeks ago and bought a little duck (his name is Remy) and he’s currently donning a corner on my desk.

I always have my UNCG Tervis filled with water (both to show my school spirit and to ensure I’m properly hydrated) and my glasses are usually not far away. Today I have a surprise note from Betsy that reads “You are a superwoman!” because we are a team-building kind of bunch. :)

Aside from my love of donuts, I also have a love of anything miniature. Because the universe is kind to me, we actually received a free stack of pallet post-it notes from U-Line a few months ago with our order. It’s literally a stack of post-it notes that sits on a miniature pallet and is really just the cutest thing. Seriously, Kristin was tearing up when she saw it.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my desk and my must-haves while I’m in the office!

‘Til next time,